Thursday, September 27, 2012

Around a home bar

My parents have been hosting parties since I very young--perhaps even before that. It's always been their philosophy that the best cure for depression or illness is to be social.

I remember the evening would start with the men gathering around my dad's corner bar. The party would then disperse throughout the house, but return around the bar when the party was wrapping up.

Appearance was also important. The display of the bottles and glasses needed to balance. If a bottle didn't compliment a glass, then the bottle would sit behind the bar. Wine were hidden or placed in the separate wine rank in another part of the house, because the bottles didn't glisten like the liquor bottles.

A recent article in the Tribeza magazine's nightlife issue, provides a peek into three Austinite's home bars and offers suggestions on how to make your own "perfect home bar."

As mentioned as an essential, glassware is important. Snifters are used for brandy and whiskey. Cocktail glasses are for martinis. Rocks glasses can be for mixed drinks. And wine glasses and flutes are for wine and champagne. My mom likes for the glassware to match. If one cracks, she usually will purchase a new set of glassware.

And similar to the Austinites highlighted in the article, my dad has a signature mango daiquiri, which is actually really good. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get my dad to give me the recipe.

Source: "The Essentials," Lisa Siva, Tribeza, August Nightlife Issue, 2012

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