Wednesday, May 16, 2012

La Chancla

When I was growing up, I use to hear stories of my grandma, Nana, throwing her chancla at my uncles when they were young. Often it was after one of them acted mischievously.

What's a chancla? A very powerful weapon; the sandal or the flip flop.

So it was great when a coworker of mine forwarded me a video of "La Chancla." I couldn't stop laughing. I thought of my Nana and her chancla.

Below is my translation of the video, which isn't the best, but you get the idea:

Dr. Jennifer Espinosa: Why is it that Hispanic children behave so well? The secret is the Hispanic culture that teaches discipline, limitations, and respect to parents with a technique that is known as 'la chancla.' The secret of 'la chancla' has helped millions of Latino mothers focus attention on each individual child; encourage fair play and justice; motivate healthy eating habits; excel with good study habits; and help with moral reasoning. 'La chancla' helps parents practice a hands-free technique. 'La chancla.' 


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Jax said...

Oh, I never heard of La Chancia! Now I'm curious ;) lol