Monday, May 21, 2012

16 hours with four boys under one roof

For my son's eighth birthday, we decided to allow him to invite three of his very close friends over for a sleepover. There was a brief moment where we thought of inviting a fourth, but thank god we didn't. Four boys were plenty.

The boys began arriving at around six in the evening. As they arrived, the boys made their way to the backyard to play. Eventually, the back sliding door was left open as the kids began running inside and out battling each other over a baseball--it was a spy game of some sort.

Our good friend, K, one of the boy's dad, stayed for a good part of the evening helping us with the very active boys. Unfortunately, he left soon after we gave them ice cream cake. Needlesstosay, the evening was just beginning for the boys.

At around 11, we decided to get the kids ready for bed. I laid the sleeping bags for each boy in the livingroom, while my wife helped get the boys ready.

I popped in a movie thinking the evening was wrapping up and they would slowly find themselves in dreamland.  I was totally wrong. The night was just beginning.

Although the lights were off and the TV volume was low, this didn't slow the boys down. Soon, the boys rolled around in their sleeping bags and pillow fought until one in the morning. It wasn't until my son got slightly injured that the party slowly came to a close--a pillow hit his mouth and hurt his adult tooth. One by one, they slowly fell asleep...

...And five hours later, one by one, they woke up, and continued where they left off.

It was fun to see my son enjoy himself with his three best friends. This was his first sleepover and from what I gathered from his friends, this was the "best sleepover ever." One kid asked if my son was going to have another sleepover when he turns nine. Eek. Well, at least it's once a year.

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