Sunday, April 15, 2012

"I'm a victim of soicumstance"

I think I first came to know who The Three Stooges were when I was about eight or nine years old. I would wake up at around 4 AM and watch TBS.

I recall the feeling of waking up that early, walking down the carpet covered hallway to the cold tile, and turning on the old floor RCA TV. I remember the noice the TV would make as it slowly powered on. I would then wrap myself like a mummy, lay on the cold tile, and watch TBS until the housekeeper stumbled into the kitchen to make coffee.

It was hard for me to really get into the slapstick comedy routine of The Three Stooges. I knew it was entertaining, but I also knew it was dangerous.

Eventually, I came to appreciate slapstick and physical comedy. Perhaps watching The Three Stooges prepared me for comedies like The Naked Gun, Ace Ventura and TV shows like Family Matters.

So, who was my favorite Stooge? That's a hard one. Everyone loves Curly, but I liked Shemp.

Here's a trivia I didn't know:

The original lineup was Moe, Larry and Shemp. Shemp left to pursue a solo career and was replaced by his brother, Curly. Curly then had a stroke and Shemp returned to the original lineup.  After Shemp died of a heart attack, four different people completed the trio.

So what did I think about the new Three Stooges movie? It was a good attempt by the Farrelly brothers. They incorporate some memorable slapstick acts and quotes. There were several scenes that I just burst out laughing, but at the same time I found myself thinking this could have been much much better. Had the new stooges reenacted those memorable scenes, maybe it would have been better.

Regardless, the movie was funny and Sofia Vergara makes it that much more enjoyable to watch.

Source: Wikipedia

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