Monday, April 16, 2012

Baby videos don't influence your child's congnitive development

When my son was born, my wife and I played classical music, sat our infant in front of the TV and played the Baby Einstein videos, and read Dr. Seuss books every night. We even bought black and white toys and books in hope that it would help with our child's brain development.

However, a recent study by neuroscientist Sandra Aamodt, PhD and Professor Sam Wang found that there is little scientific evidence that all these things have an effect on a child's congnitive development.

So all that money we spent on videos, books and toys were for nothing? It's hard to believe that all those things hasn't helped our child be smart, because he is actually ahead in his class. 

As reported in Natural Awakenings, the authors maintain that the child's brain "raises itself" and that the child's individualism determines its path in life.

I have to agree that my son from when he was in my wife's belly definately had a personality. His first few days outside his mommy's womb, I knew he was going to be a challenge--he cried a lot and was never really satisfied.

The article summarizes the five "scientifically backed tips" offered by the scientists behind the study that can influence a child's brain development, which includes: don't stress during pregnancy; switch off the baby videos; teach a second language; foster self-control; and encourage study breaks. You can read the complete article HERE

Sources: "How a Brain Grows: Five Ways to Aid Development," Lisa Marshall, Natural Awakenings, February 2012.;

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