Friday, March 9, 2012

How geeky was I?

For the past few weeks, with the help of MyGica CapIt device, I've been digitizing old videocassette tapes that have been sitting in boxes for years. 

I found this recording I did back in 1995 as part of a video message to a penpal I met through Star Trek Communicator--there is a backstory regarding this, which I'll elaborate further in a future post. Before Youtube, the only cost effective way to send a video message was by recording and delivering a VHS tape by mail.

The video starts with an overview of my room. You'll notice my dog, Puppy, on my bed at the beginning of the film. I go on to show my collection of Star Trek action figures [excuse my mispronounced vocabulary], posters, and other collectables around my room. I also show my Star Trek TNG bridge playset--total geek.

Not so geeky? How about Star Wars and Star Trek ships hanging from the ceiling. Or how about screen savers of Star Trek on the computer?

But hey, a boys room wouldn't be complete if it didn't have posters of hot girls. The hot model at the time was Cindy Crawford, and I had plenty of posters and magazine cutouts of her taped on my wall.

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Jax said...

Ohh, that's awesome!!! I've always wanted to do that, but haven't had the time. Maybe I should make time...

Have a great weekend!