Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I sometimes find myself yawning as I drive home from work or after the gym. I don't feel drowsy, yet I can't help yawn. YAWN! Excuse me. (I bet I made you yawn too.)

There might be an explanation to yawning. According to a study led by Andrew Gallup from Princeton University, yawning helps cool down our bodies--particularly, our brain.

Gez, all these years I've thought there was an odorless gas filling the interior of my car slowing killing me.  In reality, it's just my hotheadedness.

Sources: "Does Yawning Cool the Brain?" Austin Awakenings, February 2012, Pg. 12;

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Jax said...

I constantly yawn! I do it on purpose to try and pop my ears. Congestion is a nightmare. :) lol