Friday, February 24, 2012

My boy, the Yankee

Taken on April 13, 2008
Almost four years ago, I took this picture of my son with a Yankee jersey.

The jersey was given to him by his Grandpa John and Grammy who live in New York State. Since then, its become somewhat expected for us to be Yankees fans--a thing that is hard for other Texans to fathom.

Last fall, my son played little league. His team was the Pirates.  He took the sport seriously, and was torn when his team lost the final tournament. At the end, he vowed to redeem himself and lead his team to win. 

On Wednesday, we received notice that his new team would be the Yankees. Instinctively, I jumped for joy. I was so excited that reading the email made my day.

So, Sunday he starts practice and we will probably have a schedule of his future games. Expect me to post the videos of his games on this blog. Also, expect me to brag about how great he played.

Photo was taken with a Canon PowerShot A400.

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