Saturday, December 10, 2011

Just move on

I will be the first to admit that I let my mistakes linger rather than forget them and move on. I playback the mistakes in my head countless times, which has become a burden in my personal and professional career.

I came across an article in Nside Austin by business coach Alicia Marie Fruin on how to embrace failure. In order to become successful, Fruin encourages accepting failure, learn from the mistakes, and keep going, "[successful people] understand that who they are is not their job, their business or their results."

Perhaps that's my problem. I take ownership of my actions and I keep them. Rather than just filing them, I resort to the past failures and avoid acting--in fear that my past failures will be exposed.

Fruin suggests, "take your next step toward your goals today, and again tomorrow, the next day and the next day."

You can read her full article HERE.

Source: "Embracing Failure," Alicia Marie Fruin, Nside Austin Business, November / December 2011, Pg. 28.

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