Friday, December 2, 2011

How to handle holiday stress

Can you hear the chimes, dings and bells ringing? Those incoming calls and text messages are the first sign that the holidays are here.  These sounds, along with the growing number of things to do, can cause one's blood sugar level to increase. 

Below I've listed a few suggestions as provided by an article I found in the November/December 2011 issue of Sprouts Magazine that may help lower your stress level.  You can find the full article HERE.

1. Manage your time by delegating tasks
2. Do 20 to 30 minute low intensive exercise
3. Drink green tea
4. Sing along with your favorite music
5. Avoid sugars and eat more whole-grain, fruits and low-starch vegetables
6. Take Epsom salt baths
7. Clear your senses, take a walk and avoid stressful dialogue

I would also add taking a break from the Blackberry and iPhone. Program your smart phone to fetch emails every other hour or so rather than instant notifications.  Remember you have control of your incoming calls and messages, and you don't have to answer each and every one of them instantly.

Also, avoid back-and-forth texts that go nowhere. If you need clarification, just call the person.

Source: "Stress Less," Vicky Uhland, Sprouts, November / December 2011, Pg. 14-17.

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