Saturday, November 5, 2011

A WTF Huh? moment in the men's room

Us guys know there is an etiquette when it comes to the men's restroom; for example, the selection of a urinal is critical and making eye contact or talking is usually discouraged.  This blog entry is about the latter.

After having lunch, a coworker--who is also a good friend of mine outside of work--and I found ourselves in the men's restroom; he had, however, arrived in there before I did.  When I walked into the restroom, I saw him at the third urinal while another coworker was at the urinal closest to the exit. 

Men rules state that if this happens you should select a stall or wait in order to avoid the dilemma.  I was the renegade and chose the urinal at the end of the restroom next to my friend; besides, we just had lunch together and thought this man rule, due to prior precedent, was voided between us.  Not so.

"We're making pizza tonight...," I said.  Yes, it's a strange statement to make in the men's restroom, but we're friends, right?  Well, I should have gotten the hint after awkward silence.  To fill the void, I continued, "And it's with all natural ingredients." 

No response. 

I thought he'd definitely have something to say about us using "natural ingredients."  Not so.  The only response I got was from the guy at the first urinal who was confused as to whom I was talking to, "huh?"

My friend of over seven years walked away from the urinal, washed his hands, and exited the restroom without saying a word. 


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