Friday, November 25, 2011

Praying my neighbors get pregnant...soon

You're probably confused with the title of this blog entry.  Yes, I pray and recently I have found myself praying that my young neighbor and his girlfriend get pregnant.  What's worse is that I pray not only that they get pregnant but they get pregnant with twins or triplets.

When my wife and I purchased our home, the relationship with the original neighbor was nice.  He would have get togethers, but the parties never went past a decent hour. Sadly, the neighbor and his wife sold thier home and moved to another community.  The buyer, a cousin of another neighbor who lives down the street, was younger than both of us--something we had concerns about.

Around the time of this transition, my wife and I were raising a toddler.  A light sleeper, my wife was often awaken by the partying that could be heard at odd hours of the night. 

As a solution, we muffled the sound with the a/c, heater, or portable fan.  It sometimes worked.

Recently, however, it seems as if the party is getting bigger and louder. Deeper male voices can be heard arguing outside our bedroom window, and the ladies hysterical laugh can wake a deep sleeper like me. 

It's gotten bad to the point that I, a person who hates confrontation, finally resorted to expressing my concerns. I emailed my neighbor after waking up to a lady's loud voice. It was 3 o'clock in the morning on a workday. This was unacceptable since we had work the following day.

My neighbor responded with apology; however, the parties still continue into the early mornings. 

Nothing has really changed.

It would be divine justice if my neighbor and his girlfriend get pregnant with twins or triplets soon... very soon.

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