Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Alma Mater - Texas State

I remember the first day I walked down the Quad at Texas State University--back then the school was known as Southwest Texas State--among countless blue eye blondes.  Yes, this brown boy was in paradise.

Despite the great looking girls, I focused on my studies. Although it was challenging to concentrate at times, I did manage to finish my masters degree.   

After finishing my studies, I remained loyal to my alma mater.  I've participated in a couple of university boards and organizations.  I occasionally visit San Marcos for a quick stop at the University Bookstore to pick up some Bobcat apparel or spirit gear.  I also follow Bobcats sports when I can. 

Last year I took my son to a Bobcat football game.  We both enjoyed the experience sitting near the front of the field--a stone's throw from the blue eye blonde cheerleaders.  What made it memorable for my little boy was that the Bobcats won both games we attended.  

Recently, Texas State, a member of the Southland Conference, was invited to join the Western Athletic Conference in 2012.  In addition, the Bobcats football team picked up Dennis Franchione as head coach. 

So, perhaps it shouldn't be a surprise that a recent KLBJ FM poll which asked, "Who should be the number one team in college football?" people answered "Texas State." 

Maybe they meant "Texas" as in "University of Texas."  Or perhaps the folks at Austin's Rock Station thought it would be cute to disregard the Longhorns after their terrible performances against the two Oklahoma team.  Regardless, Texas State has a well developed team and deserves the recognition, and it was nice to see my alma mater among some good college football teams.

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