Saturday, October 8, 2011

Eating a plate and a half

Soon after my son was born, especially once he was able to eat solids, I found myself 15 pounds heavier.  When my body could barely fit in a 33 waist, I made the decision to lose weight. I dramatically dropped the pounds within a year; however, it wasn't the most healthiest option.  In the process of shedding the pounds, I also found my body's immune system weak. 

I came across an article in the October 2011 issue of Redbook Magazine that cited medical research conducted by Dr. Jerica Berge, a clinical family researcher, that examined the nutritional and physical health of young mothers.

Although the article was obviously targeted to young moms, I thought this could apply to young dads too.

The article provides four tips to improve ones health as a new parent, which I've paraphrased below:
  1. Avoid the temptation of cleaning your childs plate after he or she is finished with her meal (I'm guilty of that.  It's still a struggle to avoid eating that extra half plate of food);
  2. Stress leads to depression, so avoid it as much as you can by sneaking time for yourself;
  3. Avoid drinks with sugar and opt for green tea; and
  4. Practice good hygiene to avoid viruses and bacteria.
Sources: "4 Ways to kid-proof your health," Amy Levine-Epstein, Redbook Magazine, October 2011, p. 95; "Are Parents of Young Children Practicing Healthy Nutrition and Physical Activity Behaviors?" Jerica M. Berge, PhD, LMFT, Nicole Larson, PhD, MPH, RD, Katherine W. Bauer, PhD, Dianne Neumark-Sztainer, PhD, MPH, RD.

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