Thursday, October 6, 2011

Confessions of a Gym Dweeb Part 12


I've debated for the past few weeks about posting this blog entry... okay, here it goes: I have a gym crush. 

No, this blog entry isn't about that cute redhead but about a lady who seems to have an attraction to me.  Let me explain: this girl resembles the large WB abominable snowman who wants Bugs Bunny as its "George." 

"You didn't even sweat," the voice came from the large woman in front of me while I wiped off the seat after doing twenty reps of abs and deciding to stop when I felt uncomfortable with her peering eyes.  I shrugged and grinned and moved off to the next machine.

A few weeks later, the same abominable snowman chick decided to run next to me on a treadmill avoiding the fact that there were probably five others open and free. 

She tried to talk to me, but I pretended my music over my iPod muffled her voice and I couldn't hear.  Of course, I heard clearly when my wife approached me from the opposite side to ask if I was ready to leave.  I quickly responded yes, stopped the treadmill and hopped off. Unknowingly, my wife claimed her territory. 

Of course, perhaps all this was in my mind and this poor large lady was just another client working out and didn't even think about flirting.  Of course, I like thinking that I still got game.

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