Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yes you can save money on organic foods

My wife is on a organic food kick.  Ever since we watched Super Size Me and Food, Inc., our meals have become more health-conscience, which in a way is a good thing.  Honestly, I've found myself reading the labels as well and avoiding anything that contains too many chemicals like MSG or artificial sweeteners.  Of course, shopping at Whole Foods or Sprouts can be a bit pricy, right?

The September issue of Vegetarian Times contains an article that list ten ways one can save money when buying organic foods.  I've composed a list from the article, but for more description of each suggestons visit

1. Known which organic fruits and vegetables are on the Environmental Working Groups' "Dirty Dozen" list.  You can find the list here;

2. Consider store brand organic products in the center aisles;

3. Clip and use coupons from,, and;

4. Visit farm stands and farmers markets;

5. Buy multipurpose veggies;

6. Only buy organic herbs and spirces you need;

7. Grow a herb, fruit and veggie garden;

8. Freeze fruits and vegetables for later use;

9. Learn how to can produce; and

10. Buy produce that aren't cut up and do it yourself.

Source: "Eat clean for less," by Katherine Edwards, Vegetarian Times, September 2011, p. 74

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