Thursday, September 29, 2011

Today: do nothing

Sailors sleeping on flight deck of the USS Lexington (CV-16)., 11/1943
Sometimes we need some time off from work.  We work 40 hours a week under deadlines and criticism from our peers and managers.  We need that 15 minutes between our workday and our weekends to ourselves, right? 

I came across an article by Ann Daly in the September issue of Austin Woman titled, "The Art of Doing Nothing."  In the article, using an example of a travel blogger, she stresses the importance of "doing nothing" or taking time for oneself after work and on the weekends/days off. 

As she explains, doing nothing equals making space that allows creativity, reflection and innovation.  Doing nothing allows oneself to be "truely present" and enjoy loved ones.  It also allows ourselves to "reinvent ourselves and our future", leading "to a clamer and vibrant spirit."

In the article, she offers several tips to accomplish the "art of nothing," such as: making a list of activities and obligations; from that list, select which can be eliminated or delegated; eliminate or delegate one item at a time; schedule "do nothing" time for yourself; reward your accomplishments; and learn to enjoy pleasant sounds. 

You can read more in the September issue of Austin Women HERE.

Source: "The Art of Doing Nothing," Ann Daly, Austin Woman, Septmeber 2011.

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