Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Give your pet a longer and healthier life

As a pet owner, I have to admit that I could do a better job caring for my dog, Chato.  He's been living with me for over 13 years--according to an Online Calculator, he's about 65 years old. 

Chato has been with me during my most life changing events.  He's seen it all.  Kind of cool, huh.

A few days ago, I came across an article that offered eight suggestions on how to give your pet a longer and healthier life.  I've put together a list below from the article, but for a full text visit

1. Dry kibble should be with meat meals (we buy Dogwell Vitality and Halo Purely );
2. Keep your pet physically fit;
3. Provide mental stimulation;
4. Keep your pet groomed;
5. Train your pet to be well-mannered;
6. Spay and neuter your pets;
7. Have your vet give your pet a annual physical exam; and
8. Provide safe shelter for your pet.

Source: L Style G Style, July / August 2011

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