Monday, August 1, 2011

Oh no... I've got cooties

We see the sports cap on practically every water bottle sold today.  As consumers, we reach for it because it makes sense, right? 

The last thing I want to worry about when driving is unscrewing a bottle cap from a bottle.  Plus, it's kinda cool flipping the cap and sucking water as if you're just too busy to stop for a drink.

So, is there a right way to drink from a sports cap, and what restrictions are there in sharing a sports cap water bottle?

I faced that dilemma recently when my wife of eight years bought two bottles with sports caps for her and our son.  I suggested she purchase two bottles since our son couldn't possibly drink a liter of water.

When she returned, my son took claim of one bottle.  After finishing a Maude's taco, I found myself taking a sip of water from the other bottle which I thought was for me and my wife.

My wife stood up, walked back to the cashier and bought herself another liter bottle of water. 

Supposedly, the way I wrapped my lips around the sports cap and sucked water from the bottle disgusted her, as if I have cooties or the plague.

I didn't know there was an etiquette in drinking water from a bottle you and your spouse share. 

I then reminded her of the many "cooties" that went in creating our son, but that didn't diminish her disgust. 

So, in the end, I had my own bottle.  She finished hers and our son's bottle of water, which he drank the same way as I after finishing his bean and cheese taco. 

Nonetheless, we were all content.  Although, I've now developed a fear that perhaps I do have cooties.

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