Thursday, August 25, 2011

My dad's speech hits over 2,700 hits

Dad's Birthday Celebration 2008
Three years ago, I wrote a speech for my father's 60th birthday. 

I was asked to address the 200 plus attendees about what my dad meant to me. 

Honestly, it took me several months to draft a speech that would summarize how I saw my father and how I strived to be like him. 

At the end, I could only recommend writing from the heart and avoiding the many many books and website that try to influence you to write one way or another. 

If you need help, here is my suggestions:

First, write about your father and what he means to you.  It doesn't have to be perfect.  This is your first draft. 

Secondly, remember the fun times you and your father shared.  Again, write and ignore any imperfections. 

Thirdly, how has your father's guidance influence you.  Of course, you'll need to be a bit positive if you are writing about him and his influence on your life.  Again, just write and don't worry about any misspellings. 

Fourthly, take all you have written and develop a speech.  Remember to highlight the good times.  Don't bore your audience.  Keep them entertained.  Allow them to appreciate your memories.  And don't make it too long.

Lastly, practice your speech.  Delivery is important; especially for those inside jokes. 

If for some reason you found yourself in this blog entry and would like to read the actual speach, visit the following link:

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