Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bloggers... not really journalists

I have to admit, I do surf the blogosphere for my news.  Is it the right thing to do for news?  Not really.

There is a lot of training a person has to go through to develop a non-bias and objective approach in reporting news.

My undergraduate degree was spent behind the desk listening to lectures after lectures regarding journalism. In my advanced classes, we did mock reporting.  Furthermore, many of us involved ourselves with the college newspaper and others were lucky enough to find internships with news organizations.

There is an ettiquette involved in journalism that blogging avoids.
Granted, I blog.  But then again, I don't work for a new media company.  Plus, I try to avoid any bias opinions when blogging current event or news (which I try to avoid doing, period).

Nonetheless, I've made it a mission to be as objective as possible when presenting research and facts--basic elements journalists should acquire.

So, yes, I do get annoyed with bloggers who watch a political pundit on TV and take their comments as actual facts before blogging their personal opinion and using the pundits remarks as facts without researching the issue.

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