Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Confessions of a Gym Dweeb Part 8


Earlier this month, I visited my parents in deep South Texas. Yes, there is life south of San Antonio.  And guess what? They have a whole lot more than other metropolotan places and stuff are much cheaper. 

But this blog isn't about comparing anemities. It's about my experience at Gold's Gym with a Travel Pass

In Austin, I know my surroundings.  As a "travel guest," I am new to an environment.

I enter Gold's Gym and ask if I could use my RF tag to check in or if I need to use the travel pass. The young lady behind the counter tells me that I need to use the travel pass. She quickly completes an index card with all my information and checks me in.  I was then set free to roam the gym.

Of course "roam" is an understatement.  Let me explain. The gym in Austin's north location is perhaps 10,000 sqft big. The gym in Mission, Texas is maybe a quarter of the size. The majority of the equipments are weight-based--meaning, I have to physically add my desired weights onto the equipment. 

Although the cardio is upstairs, similar to the Austin location, the selection and variety is limited.  The gym does, however, carry equipment to work the abs that other Gold's Gyms don't offer, which was a total plus. And unlike other Gold's Gyms I've visited, they have tanning capsules.

Being a visitor, I was a bit intimidated using the weight machines, so I mostly focused my workout to cardio and abs.  So, in a way, my workout during my visit to the Valley was far from being intense.

Regardless, I did manage to spend an hour using their equipment and coming out feeling fulfilled. The staff was friendly, and the location was convenient--however, beware of traffic when exiting.

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