Monday, April 4, 2011

On a Greyhound Bus

Actually, before there was Greyhound, Trailways was the only "dependable" bus that would travel from Corpus Christi to McAllen, Texas. 

My Nana and I would travel by bus between Corpus Christi and McAllen.  Uncle Henry would drop of us off at the terminal in downtown Corpus Christi. I remember him dressed in a short sleeve button down shirt and beige slacks. He would watch us off as we rode away from the terminal.

Sometimes I wonder if he felt relieved to have us both leave the house.  Today I wonder if he felt a bit remorse or sadness as he saw me off.

Nana always packed something for me to eat.  A banana.  An apple.  An orange.  There was always something in her bag that was meant for me.

Clearly, she spoiled me.  Spoiled me rotten, needlesstosay.  I was the prince.  She was my Nana.  I ruled the world.  I had the power to travel by bus and everything revolved around me.

Of course, I was young and naive. 

My Nana took care of me because she loved me.  She cared for me and made sure I was taken care of. 

I recall her displeasure when Greyhouse bought-out Trailways.  She hated going through Harlingen than Alice.  Harlingen had nothing.  Alice had a nice cafeteria and to her the people were more pleasant.  It was heartbreaking when the route changed from Alice to Harlingen.

Nana would turn to me during our trip through the towns asking me if I was hungry.  I would often tell her that I was indeed.  I recall enjoying eating a banana with her on the bus as I looked out the bus window.

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