Friday, April 8, 2011

Confessions of a gym dweeb: Part 3


I've been going to the gym at least twice a week; almost to the point that I am feeling more comfortable with myself.  Perhaps maybe too comfortable.  I'll explain what I mean.

Gyms, such as mine, offers distractions to help their clients get through their workout.  For example, Golds Gym offers TVs along the cardio section, which are usually turned to ESPN or the news.  There is also "Cardio Cinema" that runs the latest rental movies.

If a client forgets their headsets, they need not worry.  Gold's Gym's playlist offers pretty good songs to make your workout enjoyable.

Speaking of headsets, the girl working out next to me forgot hers. I didn't know this until after I let out a gross and disgusting burp.  She looked towards me in a revolting manner.  I slowly turned towards the guy next to me as I caught her glace from my peripheral. 

Smooth, huh? 

Of course, perhaps the etiquette for when working out at the gym is to make the belch silent.  Not everyone has headphones to excuse you from acting in such poor manner.  Right?

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