Monday, March 7, 2011

Office Softball Team

A few weeks ago, I decided to put together an office softball team for an upcoming multiple sclerosis benefit.

Personally, I didn't think I could recruit fifteen male and female players, and I think others doubted my chances. But surprisingly, even to myself, I gathered 18 players for the tournament scheduled in a couple of weeks. 

The team is comprised of young and old mature life-experienced and athletic and pathetic weak not-so-athletic players.  I guess you could say I'm in the young and not-so-athletic group. 

Honestly, I've never played softball.  I appreciate the game and know the various positions well enough to be a mediocre player, however. 

Our team met this past Saturday for our first practice.  We were out in the field for over two hours taking turns at bat.  I decided to play catcher--perhaps explaining the muscle pain on my upper legs.

The great thing about our practice is receiving various tips from others on how to improve your game.  One of the more experienced players suggested I place my glove inches from the plate when playing catcher--directing the pitcher where to throw the ball.   When I was at bat, another player suggested I focus on the balls stitching before swinging the bat.

So, our office team has two more practices before the tournament.  Hopefully, we'll advance far enough in the tournament, with our players. Hey, we've got a good team.

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