Friday, February 25, 2011

Those pesky little itty bitty lice

I debated whether or not to post this entry.  Frankly, it's a bit embarrassing.

A few weeks ago, my son's school nurse contacted my wife about lice.  Yes, lice.  My wife quickly called me to tell me about the disturbing news.

I denied it.  "How could it be?  Why?  It must be dandruff," I thought. 

I suggested she pick our son up and check his hair to confirm before purchasing lice treatment.  She overruled my suggestion and instead purchased two complete kits of RID.

Good thing she did. 

She called a few hours later to tell me that he indeed had head lice.  While combing his hair, she found lice crawling around. Eek! 

After she treated his hair, she did hers.  When I arrived home, I joined in the treatment as well. 

During the week of treatment, I was fearing finding lice crawling around not only his head but mine too.  My wife and I had nightmares about those pesky insects.

"What's worse is that others, especially his friends, would find out," I thought.  Unfortunately, my son didn't see it that way.  The following day when I asked if he had told his friends about the lice, he said he had mentioned it to his bestfriend and his other friend and his other friend.  My guess is that his class knew it was him with the lice infection.

A few days ago, we recieved a notice informing us about head lice found on another kid.  I showed the notice to my son and pointed to how others may have received the same document when he had lice.  He thought quietly as he absorbed the thought.

The good thing is that we fought and eliminated the lice.  Since his episode, we have made it a point to check his head everyday in case of a new outbreak.

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