Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tips to beat bloating

It's that time of year again.  Yes, I've been there too, and I'm making my New Years resolution to trim down and keep in shape. 

I came across an insert in the August 2010 issue of Cosmopolitan that provides tips on how to flatten the tummy.  Their source is from New York City Nutritionist Stephanie Middleberg, founder of Middleberg Nutrition.  So the tips listed must work, right?

The three tips highlighted in this 2 x 3 inch card include: drink 2 liters of water in 24 hours to boost metabolism and flush out sodium; eat small portions such as "an iPhone-size serving of protein...a fist-size serving of carbs, four dice worth of cheese or other high-fat food, and one piece of fruit"; and load up on fiber.

From past experience, I do have to agree that eating apples or strawberries does increase yoru metabolism.  Also, drinking lots of water during the day does help cleanse your system.

Stephanie Middleberg's website,, provides other helpful times on how to live a healther life. 

I'll definately be visiting her page and trying out some of her suggestions.

Source: Cosmopolitan August 2010;

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