Monday, January 10, 2011

The Old Genesee County Poorhouse

Established in 1826, the Genesee County Poorhouse provided residence to paupers and the mentally ill.  

Old Genesee County Home

Over 1,200 residents died while at the asylum, including young orphans and elders. Their bodies are buried around the property in unmarked graves.  A memorial site was created recently by Genesee County to honor those who died at the home. 


The facility was closed in 1974 and unoccupied for over two decades.  In 2002, the property was purchased by Jeff and Lori Carlson and renamed Rolling Hills.  Recently, Sharon Coyle became the owners of the property (you can listen to the audio interview here).


Supposedly, the former asylum is haunted.  Several sources say they have seen shadows or felt presence while visiting the home.  Syfy's Ghost Hunters as well as the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures (a must watch) have recently visited the old poorhouse.   Others such as the New Jersey Paranormal Research group have visited this place and recorded their findings.

As mentioned in Ghost Adventures, a power substation across the street from the old asylum may explain the paranormal activities at the home--spirits feed off energy.
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