Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good-bye American-made vehicles

I've had a history with American brand vehicles. My first car was a Pontiac Sunbird.  The car was a two door coupe that could drive between cars with no problem.  It was standard too, so driving was exciting.

My second car was my dad's Pontiac Firebird.  It had a V6 and drove incredibly fast.  I loved that car and was sad to see it totalled after a wreck. 

I made the mistake of going car shopping after my accident.  I needed a car and the car dealers knew it.  I ended up paying a lot more than I could afford on a Grand Am.  Because it cost me a lot, I called him Money.  Ironically, Money lived up to his name.  After paying the vehicle off, I managed to spend over $4000 on Money in needed repairs.  I had enough and ran Money to his death.

My wife once asked me why I liked American vehicles.  I told her that I liked the idea that I was helping America's workforce--you know, the blue collar worker that makes pennies to support families by building vehicles we take for granted. 

Before Money's demise, I decided my next car would be a Toyota, since my wife had one and it works great.  I was interested in the Camary or the Rav4, but the price was a bit too high for me.  I settled for a Corolla and quickly embraced it after finding my car in the lot. 

She is an absolute beauty.  The black goddess is stunning at first sight.  She has a delicate gray trim along her side--nothing too profuse to dilute her beauty. 

It may sound perverse, but she handles like a pro.  Every turn she takes is familiar. I am more terrified of driving her than she can handle.  Her surround sound system reassures me with comfort; she is absolutely in control. 

Now, my task is to give her a proper name.  Something fitting, of course.  A name that defines her handling and my dependency.

Black beauty (A name my son came up with after watching Myth Busters)?  Mystique (named after U2's Mysterious Ways)? May Day (After Grace Jones in James Bond's "A View to a Kill")? Or something else.  Any suggestion will be welcomed. 


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