Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dude Dictionary

I thought I would share what girls are reading about us guys.  The August issue of Cosmopolitan highlights 101 things about guys

One of the things that caught my attention was a section dedication on defining guy's lingo.  Below are some examples:

Gorilla salad (n.)
When a man or woman has way too much hair below the belt

Rodgen'd (v.)
When an unattractive man steals a guy's woman, inspired by Seth Rogen in Knocked Up

Man tiara (n.)
When a guy wears his sunglasses on his head as a douchey fashion statement

Buddy-call (v.)
When a girl who a guy is obviously into calls in the middle of the night but only to ask for advice about another guy she likes

Facebook hot (adj.)
A girl who is significantly, and deceptively, sexier online than in real life

More definitions and use of the word can be viewed here.

Source: Cosmopolitan August 2010

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