Saturday, November 27, 2010

You're such as FAILURE!!!

I thought I would write a title that would attract your attention.  Perhaps it worked.  Maybe you've moved on to look at something else.

I was thumbing through the September 2010 issue of Harvard Business Review and came across an article by entrepreneur and blogger Seth Godin

In the article, Godin describes how our culture has defined failure as being the mere opposite of success.  He stresses, however, that we are missing other aspects of failure that should be considered. 

He lists seven types of failures that should be added to its definition:  Design failure; Failure of opportunity; Failure of trust; Failure of will; Failure of priorities; Failure to quite; and Failure of respect.  All seem to be self-explanatory, but you can read the article here

Source: Godin, Seth, "Redefining Failure." Harvard Business Review, September 2010. Pg 34.

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