Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Greatest American Hero

It's been years since I watched an episode of The Greatest American Hero.  I was probably 10 or something when I last saw one. 

What I recalled about the series was that the plot was about a guy who was given a suit with super powers by an alien.  The shows revolved around how an ordinary guy adopts to the suit with super powers. 

My wife and I decided to watch an episode with our six year old--perhaps a way of introducing the pop culture we grew up with.  Needlesstosay, our son enjoyed its comical action.

While my wife and I watched the episode, we had fun thinking of who could or should be casted to act in the remake; if there was ever one.  We thought of many actors and ended up with the following: Justin Timberlake as Ralph Hanley; George Clooney as FBI Agent Bill Maxwell; and Julia Stiles as Pam Davidson.

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