Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A New Definition of Mooning

The Gasometer Oberhausen in Germany offers visitors with an "Out of this World" exhibit where visitors can see the giant orbs of our solar system. 

One spectacular orb is the moon that is 82 feet in diameter, where visitors can experience the various phases of the moon.

Source: Sherman's Travel, Spring 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Greatest American Hero

It's been years since I watched an episode of The Greatest American Hero.  I was probably 10 or something when I last saw one. 

What I recalled about the series was that the plot was about a guy who was given a suit with super powers by an alien.  The shows revolved around how an ordinary guy adopts to the suit with super powers. 

My wife and I decided to watch an episode with our six year old--perhaps a way of introducing the pop culture we grew up with.  Needlesstosay, our son enjoyed its comical action.

While my wife and I watched the episode, we had fun thinking of who could or should be casted to act in the remake; if there was ever one.  We thought of many actors and ended up with the following: Justin Timberlake as Ralph Hanley; George Clooney as FBI Agent Bill Maxwell; and Julia Stiles as Pam Davidson.