Monday, July 27, 2009

What should I do about Ned?

I found shelter for our family dog, Chato. He'll be staying at a doggy hotel at $30 the night. However, I totally forgot to find a place for one of our most important pets--Ned.

Ned isn't demanding. He flutters about when he thinks I am looking at him. At times, he does talk to me. He tells me about his day swimming around the tank and the annoying noise coming from the cheap pump.

The one thing he hates most is when my five year old son or I tease him with a finger puppet of a fish. He hates it. The thought of another fish around his territory simply angers him.

But what am I to do with our pet betta, Ned.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

North Korea and Hawaii

I was flipping channels and came across a report from Fox News regarding North Korea's Kim Jong-il's interest in launching a missile towards Hawaii this July 4th weekend.

The Christian Science Monitor raises the question as to whether a North Korean missile can reach Hawaii on their headline. The article further cites a US Congressional Research Service (CRS) report:

In theory, yes. Pyongyang has ballistic missile technology that technically, if it worked to perfection, could throw a small payload across the 7,100 kilometers or so that separate the Korean peninsula from Honolulu...

But later ensures the reader that a missile endangering the islands is "quite small." Furthermore, according to reports, US has deployed antimissile interceptors to the region and islands to stop such event.

The tension is also being felt in the surrounding area as Japan fears they are in the crossfire of North Korea's threats towards US. Russia and China are willing to open dialogue with North Korea and it's nuclear programs.