Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Star Trek and my 5-year-old

Today was my son's fifth birthday. What better way to commemorate this milestone than to take my son to watch Star Trek. Although, I have to admit, I've watched the new movie twice before taking my son.
I debated for several days as to whether to take my son to watch this movie. There is violence and adult situations, but nothing graphic.
I picked my son up from daycare early to go to the 4:25 viewing of Star Trek at the theater near our house. We got a small bag of popcorn, orange soda and diet coke, and Airheads candy.
Since my son does get a little scared, we made sure to bring his baby blanket and sat at the very last row in the back. This pleased him.
There was one scene I was a bit concerned with his viewing--Kirk makes out with an Orion woman and Uhura is seen strip to her underwear. We seemed to survive that scene easily.
When we were walking out, I asked my son who his favorite character was. He responded, "Kirk." I wonder why? Ha!

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