Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kamp Kumbaya

Kamp Kumbaya
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Ben Sargent, editorial cartoonist, summed the Texas' Legislature's Session up quite well. However, it seems chaos occurs under anyone's leadership. This is Texas, remember. It's a large state with many different perspectives and ideologies.

As the session comes to a close tomorrow, we can summerize this session as being challenging--similar to others; especially, for the new Speaker. However, no one can ignore that this Speaker worked with both sides to reach many compromises and lead the House with dignity and respect.

Probably the largest thing to create so much tension between the parties was the infamous Voter ID bill. Democrats hated it. Republicans felt it was necessary. Democrats used the noncontroversial calendar of bills to stall debate of the Voter ID bill and succeeded. However, in doing so, a lot of important bills died.

Some Republicans thought the Speaker gave too much power to the Democrats; while, the Democrats felt he did what he was supposed to do--administer and lead the House of Representatives.

It's too early to tell the effectiveness of the Speaker's leadership. I'm sure there will be many analyses provided by journalists, historians, and bloggers.

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