Monday, May 25, 2009

A family of cardinals

Across our house, in our neighbor's Live Oak, lives a family of cardinals. A couple of mounts ago I noticed a pair of cardinals hanging out around our backyard. Both would feed from our bird feeder. They were never without the other.

Then I didn't see much of them. I figured, being spring, they had found home and made a nest. Sure enough. This afternoon, while my son and I were playing soccer and baseball in the backyard, I noticed three birds flying. The little chick flew into the pine tree. The parents perched nearby and called for the chick.

I held my son as close as I could without interferring with the chick. Then just like that. The chick made his flight back to the neighbor's tree. Amazing.

Cardinals remind me of my grandmother, Nana. She loved cardinals. A person could find curio of a cardinal somewhere in her house. She loved how they sang to each other.

Somehow, the cardinals presense makes me feel as if my grandma is watching over me and my son.

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