Saturday, May 23, 2009

Blocking Voter ID bill

Texas Capitol
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There is always excitement under the Pink Dome.

Eight days left for the Texas Legislature to pass bills that affect the citizens of the state. Some bills have died; but many important ones still remain on the to-do-list.

The bills left are those controversial measures that affect not only the citizens but also the respective political party. The most controversial bill waiting to be debated is the Voter ID bill. Democrats feel the bill, authored by Marble Falls Republican Senator Troy Fraser, dienfranchise minority voters; while Republicans believe there needs to be more aggressive standards for voters.

In a attempt to bring the Voter ID bill up for debate, Republican House Calendars Chair, Representative Brian McCall, placed the bill for consideration on Saturday. When House Democrats learned of the posting, they decided the only option for them was stall the calendar by debating noncontentious bills.

The House has until Tuesday midnight to pass out Senate bills, including the Voter ID legislation. Sofar, the House Democrats have successfully stalled the calendar.

It's actually quite entertaining to watch legislators debate nonsense bills that have no affect on statewide laws. It's even funnier to watch House Democrats exaggerate that the nonsense bill is "important" for their district. What does El Paso County reporting have to do with Austin, Texas?

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