Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A long day

Tuesdays are generally long. I've come to experience that since moving up to Austin and working for a legislative committee that met on Tuesdays. Ten years later, that still applies.

Today was a busy Tuesday. I was asked to accompany one our our experts to a hearing. The hearing was supposed to start at 1pm; however, the Senate was in session until 5:45 pm--they were debating top ten admission to state schools.

Our expert and I waited patiently at the committee hearing room until I decided that we go back to the office and wait and see what happens in the Senate. A couple hours later, the Senate adjourned and we made our way to the committee hearing room.

Two hours later, and after several unrelated bills to our agency, our bill was brought up. There were no questions from the Senators, and the bill was bill was left pending. That was the conclusion to our bill.

When we walked outside, the dusk was just setting. The end of our day was indeed busy, but not as busy for others who had to juggle two committee hearings into the night.

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