Monday, March 2, 2009

The Accident

This past Saturday, my wife and son were in a car accident. At the intersection exiting our subdivision, my wife calmly waited to turn left on a green light. The other car failed to stop on the red and crashed into my wife's front-left.

Everyone was alright. My wife was a bit shakened up from the experience, and my little boy was amazed by the experience that he shared everyone his story. He also liked riding in the fire engine and getting fire fighter and sheriff deputy badges.

Now, the main concern is the repair for the vehicle. Our insurance company is expected to provide us an estimate within the next couple of days. If they total it, then that means my wife--or I--will be without a vehicle. This not good for me, because this is probably the most busiest time of year for me--the state legislature is in session. This also means that we may need to purchase a new or used car, which means a new car payment.

If the insurance company decides that the damages are minor, then the cost for repair may be a bit high. Of course, we'll need to put down our $500 deductable. Still, we'll be without a vehicle for a long while.

So, we are left waiting and wondering what our future will bring. In the end, there is a cost involved. A very high cost, which I was not planning for.

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