Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stubbed Toe

After a night of fun sans our son, and while we prepared to call it a night, my wife asked me to get her a roll of toilet paper. Of course, I jumped from my comfy position on my side of the bed and ran to the second bathroom to steel my son's roll of TP to take to Pam.

In my quickness to waste no time, I ran from the second bathroom to the master to deliver this important item; however, on my delivery, I rammed my right foot on the bed post.

I heard what sounded like pops. Maybe it was just my imagination, but it did sound like I cracked the wooden bed post.

I hopped my way to my wife to deliver her toilet paper. In pain, I crawled my way into bed and dug myself under the covers.

The next morning, while my wife woke up to go to the gym, I struggled to get out of bed. The pain I felt was everywhere. Could it be the alcohol? I didn't think I drank too much. As I walked down the stairs, the sharp pain on my foot reminded me where the pain originated.

Now, after two days, I wonder whether I should visit the doctor's office. Maybe I broke my second smallest piggy. There is a bruise that spans the four toes. How did I manage not to get the big toe? In retrospect, I'd rather be suffering from a big-toe-injury than my little ones.

Regardless, the pain is troubling. Or maybe I am just being a wimp.

The Myoflex is working.

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