Friday, February 27, 2009

AT&T U-verse

Tomorrow, we are getting AT&T's U-verse. I am totally excited. Not only am I getting 52 HDTV channels but I am getting 3mbs download Internet. Wow! I've never been this tech-trendy before.

A few weeks ago, I purchased my first flat screen LCD Sony Bravia. I struggled the first few days as I tried to set the color and tone. After a few tries, I think I have the perfect image. Well, almost.

Now I am catching that next thing bug--should I invest in a $300 Blu-Ray player? It would be nice to watch Wall-E in HD, or even Iron Man. But $300 is still pretty high. For that price, I can purchase a Sony PS3.

Then I have to think about reality. What if the economic downturn gets worse? What if my wife loses her job? What if I lose mine? Maybe taking babysteps in my home entertainment advancement is the best policy.

But, it would be nice to watch HDTV U-verse and movies. It would be nice to enjoy clarity in action films like Iron Man.

Either way, my wife and I are excited about U-verse. Installation is scheduled for tomorrow between 10 and 12. Of course, since there will probably be a need to rewire, the installation process may take the whole afternoon.

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