Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The 935 Part Two

For the past few weeks I have been taking the city bus to and from work. On the first of the month, I filled my gas tank with approximately $40. I still have a quarter of a tank left. I would estimate that since I started taking the bus, I have saved maybe $50.

Like many others, I decided to take the bus because of the high gas prices. I wasn't thinking about my carbon footprint, but rather my wallet. Although, I do have to admit that I actually like knowing that I am contributing a little to the positive health of the environment.

Yesterday, the ride up to my Park and Ride was packed. It was so packed that people were standing in the center aisle. I myself was standing and sandwiched between two people. The lady in front of me had a large tote bag that kept digging into my chest. The guy behind me kept brushing the back of his hand across my bottom. The lady next to me kept wanting to read what I was typing on my Palm Centro.

The 30 minute ride up north was very unpleasant and long. At one point, half way to our destination, the ride felt like a roller coaster. The bus made fast turns from left to right then left again. People standing were swerving and jolting in every direction. Many of us laughed in amusement. When we got to the stop, we all poured out of the bus.

So, is having the discomfort worth lessening my carbon footprint? I guess. But again, the primary reason why I am riding the bus is because it saves me money at the gas pump.

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