Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Visiting the Dentist

It was the time my son visited the dentist office, yesterday. We were both quite excited.

I was immediately impressed with the kid-friendly atmosphere. In the waiting area, kids can either read a book, watch TV, or play a video game. Now these days, it is expected to find a section in the waiting area dedicated for kids; however, the lobby is nothing compared to what's inside.

As we followed one of the dental assistants to meet my son's dental hygienist, we walked into an open area with three dental chairs that resembled massage beds lined up in a roll. Above each dental chair was a 19 inch flat screen television.

Ashley, my son's dental hygienist, greeted us. She asked my son what channel he'd like to watch. My son acting shy responded to whatever she suggested. As he laid on his back on the dental chair, she handed him sunglasses--which he loved--and headphones to listen to the TV.

As she worked on his teeth, he watched quietly and without incident. She scrubbed each tooth and cleaned any plaque that may have been sitting on his gumline. Afterwards, she provided him a report card on the status of his teeth. I'm proud to say he's got healthy teeth and scored quite high.

The only thing we should be concerned with is preventing cavities on his molers. He has yellow-brownish pigment known as regional odontodysplasia. The porous surface is more prone to cavities. Regardless, my son scored great for his first time visit to his dentist. I was quite proud of him.

Now, back to brushing.

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