Thursday, June 19, 2008

The 935

Today is the second day I've taken public transportation.

Although I have to admit I have been one who has found their vehicle as their personal haven after a days work, the 935 provides an opportunity for me to catch up with email and reading on as it transports me to the Park and Ride.

What's simply amazing to me is that the 935 bus is extremely fast. It takes me less time to get home riding the bus than driving my own car. How is that possible?

The other cool thing is that I am saving a bit of money. Whereas I would have probably had to gas my car up today, I'll be able to drive with half a tank for a few more days.

Interestingly, a recent federal report finds that less people are driving and more people are using public transportation. Could gas prices be the reason? I think so.

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