Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Diet Story

At the beginning of the year I made some new years resolutions. Like many other individuals who give themselves goals, many of which are quite difficult to accomplish, mine dealt with my weight.

Before January, I had unsuccessfully attempted tp gain control of my weight. When I initially weighed myself on January 9, the start of my diet, the scale registered at 158. That's a lot for someone who is only 5'4". Chances are I might have weighed a bit more since my waist 33 pants were feeling a bit snugged and I had started taking it easy with the food intake.

Now, I weigh 135, which is probably what I weighed when I got married. I feel great. I can go up and down the stairs without problems. My feet don't ache as much, and I'm not always hungry.

My diet involved black coffee before driving to work, a whole grapefruit--preferably ruby red--at around 10 am. For lunch I had one Lean Cuisine meal and either water or a diet coke. In the evenings, I only ate half of what I was served, and didn't have a dessert or a snack afterwards.

Honestly, the first few days was a challenge. I would wake up in the middle of the night starving, but I held out until the next morning. It was tough, but I managed through.

Within a month I lost ten pounds. My clothes began to fit loose and I had more energy than I did. I thought about quiting, but doing so would be somewhat cheating. My new year;s resolution was to loose weight not stop eating for a month and call it a diet.

I continued on and managed to loose another ten pounds within the next few weeks. Now I am enjoying a 31 waist, better fit clothes, and a much healthier lifestyle.

I don't eat sweets, although I do miss it; especially the Dunkin Donuts. I continue to manage my food intake--I only eat until I am full. I also walk a bit more during the day. The key is to keep active as much as possible.

My tips on how to loose weight:

  1. Weigh yourself with a scale;
  2. Determine your weight goal;
  3. Grocery shop for apples, pears, oranges, or grapefruits (women may want to keep away from grapefruit since some studies have linked them with breast cancer);
  4. Shop for vegetables;
  5. Purchase Lean Cuisine meals--check the Sunday ads for coupons;
  6. Switch away from butter and margarine to non-stick spray;
  7. Avoid sugar and milk;
  8. Switch from regular soda to diet soda or better yet, water;
  9. Drink water throughout the day;
  10. In the morning, eat a fruit;
  11. At lunch, eat one Lean Cuisine meal;
  12. In the afternoon, eat another fruit;
  13. At dinner, eat only half your plate serving;
  14. At night, if you are looking for a snack, eat a fruit;
  15. Weigh yourself daily or every other day; and
  16. When you meet your goal, stick with your healthy lifestyle.

Good luck!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Visiting the Dentist

It was the time my son visited the dentist office, yesterday. We were both quite excited.

I was immediately impressed with the kid-friendly atmosphere. In the waiting area, kids can either read a book, watch TV, or play a video game. Now these days, it is expected to find a section in the waiting area dedicated for kids; however, the lobby is nothing compared to what's inside.

As we followed one of the dental assistants to meet my son's dental hygienist, we walked into an open area with three dental chairs that resembled massage beds lined up in a roll. Above each dental chair was a 19 inch flat screen television.

Ashley, my son's dental hygienist, greeted us. She asked my son what channel he'd like to watch. My son acting shy responded to whatever she suggested. As he laid on his back on the dental chair, she handed him sunglasses--which he loved--and headphones to listen to the TV.

As she worked on his teeth, he watched quietly and without incident. She scrubbed each tooth and cleaned any plaque that may have been sitting on his gumline. Afterwards, she provided him a report card on the status of his teeth. I'm proud to say he's got healthy teeth and scored quite high.

The only thing we should be concerned with is preventing cavities on his molers. He has yellow-brownish pigment known as regional odontodysplasia. The porous surface is more prone to cavities. Regardless, my son scored great for his first time visit to his dentist. I was quite proud of him.

Now, back to brushing.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The 935

Today is the second day I've taken public transportation.

Although I have to admit I have been one who has found their vehicle as their personal haven after a days work, the 935 provides an opportunity for me to catch up with email and reading on as it transports me to the Park and Ride.

What's simply amazing to me is that the 935 bus is extremely fast. It takes me less time to get home riding the bus than driving my own car. How is that possible?

The other cool thing is that I am saving a bit of money. Whereas I would have probably had to gas my car up today, I'll be able to drive with half a tank for a few more days.

Interestingly, a recent federal report finds that less people are driving and more people are using public transportation. Could gas prices be the reason? I think so.