Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Yesterday, I suffered with what I thought were allergies. I sneezed throughout the day and felt tired and soar. This morning I woke up with a 102.5 fever. This prompted me to schedule an appointment with my doctor.

My doctor asked me what my symptoms were--achy, sneezy, tired, fever, headache, chills, and a bit of dry coughing. He prescribed me tamiflu.

He was worried that if I was exposed to the flu virus, my family may be as well. He asked me to contact my little boy's pediatrician and see if they can put him on tamiflu as a preventive.

So, my son and I are on tamiflu. And the dog... well, he was prescribed amoxicillin for his teeth infection. He's actually doing better with the treatment. I received a call this morning from his doctor. Supposedly, his tests came back pretty healthy. The only thing he has questions on are his high thyroid levels.

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