Thursday, February 21, 2008

Influenza Virus

For the past several days, I have been tracing my steps back to figure out when I got infected with the flu virus. My wife and little boy were not affect, thank God. So, it must have been when I was alone at the grocery store or the bank.

It is spread through the air by someone sneezing, coughing, or speaking. The flu virus, which can live outside a body for no more than 48 hours, can be transmitted if a person touches a surface where an infected person sneezes or coughs. The flu virus can live longer on nonporous surfaces such as plastic, metal, or wood.

A person can be contagious one day before and up to five days after the infected person shows signs of the flu. I'm on day four.

On Monday, President's Day, I suffered with what I thought were server allergies. The following day (Tuesday) I woke up with a 102.5 fever. I felt absolutely aweful.

My doctor prescribed Tamiflu. My little boy's pediatrician agreed that he should be on Tamiflu as well, just in case.

Wednesday and Thursday were spent sleeping and resting. In the morning I would wake up, take a shower, and get dressed. I prepared my little boy's breakfast, got him ready for school, and then drive him to his daycare. When I returned home, I would change back into my lounge wear and crawl back into bed.

It's amazing what the flu can do to a person's brain. During the night, I would dream some weird stuff. At times I would wake up thinking I heard footsteps. These sounds were vivid and real, but no one was around and my little boy was sound asleep.

The past two days, I've had a metallic taste. Everything I smell or taste is metallic, even the water.

This morning (Friday), I woke up much better. I still have a slight metallic taste, but my headache is much lighter. Although I am feeling better, I am still worried that I might be contagious.

This afternoon, I have a happy hour with my professional organization, which I am going to have to skip due to my health.

I'm expecting my health to return to full recovery by tomorrow, which is exactly five days after I first showed symptoms of the flu.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Yesterday, I suffered with what I thought were allergies. I sneezed throughout the day and felt tired and soar. This morning I woke up with a 102.5 fever. This prompted me to schedule an appointment with my doctor.

My doctor asked me what my symptoms were--achy, sneezy, tired, fever, headache, chills, and a bit of dry coughing. He prescribed me tamiflu.

He was worried that if I was exposed to the flu virus, my family may be as well. He asked me to contact my little boy's pediatrician and see if they can put him on tamiflu as a preventive.

So, my son and I are on tamiflu. And the dog... well, he was prescribed amoxicillin for his teeth infection. He's actually doing better with the treatment. I received a call this morning from his doctor. Supposedly, his tests came back pretty healthy. The only thing he has questions on are his high thyroid levels.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Avatar

What would my avatar look like? I thought about it several hours until I found this cool website.

Since my hair is growing wild, I figured I would choose a hairstyle that best matched. My avatar's face matches mine--round with bushy eyebrows, and brown eyes. If my job allowed me to, I'd wear a t-shirt, black jeans, Sketcher lace up boots, and a trench coat.

Since Jonathan, my little boy, has been into the subject of fire and swords, I created his avatar to be a type of dragon slayer.

His hair is just as crazy as mine, except his looks cooler than mine.
And I created my wife's avatar to match her magical and beautiful personality.

Friday, February 15, 2008

My dog Chato

Originally uploaded by GCAUSTIN
Before I moved to Austin, my parents bought me a maltese. I was planning to move away from my hometown and they thought a pet would be a great companion. They were right.

At times I did wish I didn't have Chato--many of those times was when he peed or pooped on the carpet at my apartment. But we both had a bond that has lasted many years. He has been there throughout the good and bad times of my life.

Personally, I don't think I have been the best owner. I use to work late and often times never did take him out for a walk. The only outing he has known has been us going for a drive around Travis County.

I write about Chato because I am a little scared of loosing him. A few days ago, my wife and I woke up with him coughing and gagging. A quick internet search said he might have bordatella. I found comfort that this might just be a cold. However, an x-ray later, it seems it might be a little more serious. His vet said there is inflamation on the right side of his heart which causes pressure on his windpipe. This is devastating news for me.

The vet told me he was going to call me later next week to let me know what his tests show. I am hoping it is something minor or something that can be alleviated through medication.

Chato has been there through the most important times of my life.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Partial Simple Syndactyly

I'm trying to find information on partial simple syndactyly. My little boy has webbed toes between the second and third toe on both feet.

Doing a quick web search, I found that this is hereditary. My wife is of German, Iroquois and English descent and she has webbed toes too.

By posting this on my blog, I was interested in whether there were any other individuals with webbed-toes. I wanted to share information and determine if this characteristic is common in certain areas.