Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Kid Who Smelled Like Poo

Remember that kid in school who one day came to class smelling like poo? Today, my son was that kid.

While I was driving my two year old to daycare, I noticed him struggling in the back seat. I asked him if he was alright. He just nodded. Then I noticed him pushing. "Are you pooing?" I asked. "No," he responded.

When we got to the daycare, and as I pulled him out of the car seat, I noticed that his bottom was poofy and wet. "You did go poo poo!" I said. "Pee pee," he replied. Pee pee is his way to say poo poo.

I stood him on the ground and took a peek to see the damage. I made the mistake of poking my finger in to double check. Sure enough, it was poo poo. "Oh no!" I responded. My surprise was mimicked by my son.

I decided to change him myself, mostly because I was embarrased to hand him over to the daycare teacher knowing he was dirty. When I removed his shorts, I witnessed the explosion. Poo poo seeped out of his pull-up diaper and onto his shorts. It was terrible.

I had to not only clean my pooed son, but I also had to clean his shorts. I tried my best to clean as much of the poo poo off his shorts. I really did try.

All I could think of was that kid who one day came to school smelling like poo poo. Poor thing, we all made fun of him all through elementary.

Hopefully no one noticed.

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