Sunday, April 2, 2006

When is it a Good Time?

When is it a good time to take a toddler to dinner at the Olive Garden?

Last friday, the family went to the Olive Garden to eat dinner. To avoid the older crowd, we decided to go early. As usual, the place was crowded with families similar to ours. When we sat down, our child, who is a month away from turning two, started to act like, well, a toddler.

Later, during the dinner, a couple in their mid-50's sat next to our table. Of course, like all toddlers who beg for attention, ours was no different. He used a straw from his cup and started swinging it as if casting spells on me and his mom. The couple next to us were not amused.

The lady seemed quite annoyed as she dropped her fork on her plate several times. Her husband turned to give us the dirtiest look. My wife, being who she is, returned the look, made a comment, and got our son and proceeded outside.

Our dinner had been over and we were waiting for the check, however, the display by this couple just made the conclusion of our meal not so pleasant.

This is where I'll rant: We went to the Olive Garden at 6:00p.m. to avoid the older crowd. Plus, this is the Olive Garden, a family restaurant, which caters to families. Is it our toddler's fault that this sad old lady's husband can't afford to take her to a more expensive restaurant--somewhere private and away from families.

Nonetheless, the food at the Olive Garden was superb.

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